Social Media – Twitter, Blogging, and Curation

EDCI-336 has provided me the opportunity to curate a bunch of social media platforms. I have been able to critically think about blogging and the beneficial uses for both teachers and students. I think blogging is a very personal thing and everyone will have a different experience with it. For my tech inquiry project presentation, Claudia and I conducted a survey created on Google Forum to find out how the majority of our peers enjoyed the blogging for our EDCI-336 class. The results reveal that most students really enjoyed creating a blog and think it is beneficial for both students and teachers. Though the process of creating and maintaining a blog has been frustrating at times, I find myself drawn to all the beneficial elements a blog can provide educators. The most beneficial aspect for me is the idea that blogs can create a community and invite collaboration. It is extremely useful when teachers can share lesson plans and tips and tricks that work in the classroom; blogs are a creative way to share that information and invite different perspectives and ideas. I look forward to being able to share my lesson plans and classroom activities with fellow educators in the future. In addition to blogging, this class introduced me to Twitter. I knew of Twitter prior to this class, however I never had a personal account. I think Twitter is very beneficial for teachers because you can follow school districts, administrators and teachers, etc. and be informed on the school or district politics. It is a great way to build an education community and make contacts. I have also seen a lot of content that has made me question things and think about my own teaching techniques. I enjoy the collaboration aspect of Twitter and that information can be shared with the click of a button. I will absolutely continue using Twitter during my teaching career.


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