Rich McCue – Sketchnotes, Tech tools, Coding, and GAFE

Today’s class involved a presentation and workshop, conducted by Rich McCue on Sketchnotes and Twine. Sketchnotes is a medium of visual notes including: diagrams, sketches, words, and mindmaps. This medium can be very useful because research has shown that both drawing and writing increases information recall and recognition. While using Sketchnotes, there is a verbal and visual mode (dual coding theory). Research shows that the human brain summarizes and processes information better when things are drawn and/or written by hand, rather than typed on a computer. When hand writing and drawing notes, the brain is forced to process information better because it is required to rephrase and shorten what is being written in order to keep up. Sketchnoting engages the whole mind, encourages visual language, and can help improve concentration and memory. Google Apps for Education also referred to as GAFE, includes a resource called Google classroom. This was used to show us assignments where we could practice some Sketchnoting. Google classroom is an extremely beneficial recourse for teachers because it allows for teachers to connect a whole classroom online. This is a great way to collaborate and connect online and build digital literacy together. During the second half of the class, Mr. McCue showed the class another resource called Twine. This resource allows you to create interactive stories with multiple endings. This was an interesting tech tool that I think students in the Middle School years would enjoy. This is a great way to create cross-curricular connections between technology, language arts, and social studies.


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