Intellectual Property – Tech tools

Today’s class focused on the different copyright and intellectual property license types. We discussed the importance of ensuring that any documents, pictures or resources that are shared, altered, or used for personal or commercial use, are used in accordance with the license type of that particular content. This is a very important topic because in the education world collaboration is a key factor and when sharing or borrowing resources, credit needs to be given to the original owner. This is an important tech tool that everyone should be aware how to do. 

Steps to ensure that proper attribution is given to the content being used:

  1. Using advanced search engines to filter materials on Google searches etc. so that only materials that are licensed for the type of use you are looking for are used.
  2. When saving content, include the copyright info and license, as well as where you found it etc. This ensures that you are able to revisit the original source and see where it came from and what you can do with it.
  3. Copyright or license your own materials to ensure that nobody will use your materials in ways that you do not want.

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