George Jay Elementary School Visit – Classroom Observations and Personalized Learning Network (PLN)

Today’s EDCI-336 class ended early so that we could travel to George Jay Elementary School and meet with Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt. Mrs. Bathurst-Hunt teaches a kindergarten class and she strives to create a curriculum around inquiry and student interest. Her classroom shared many aspects with the world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach. Her classroom was very warm, and welcomed new ideas and curiosities. She has tailored her lesson to be very inclusive and cater to each students learning needs. I was very inspired by her unit plans, and how she incorporated her student’s inquires into her daily lessons. All of her units are interactive and cross-curricular. Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt is a very friendly person and she welcomed us to come and visit her classroom anytime or contact her if we want to collaborate on units. I will definitely be in contact with her again; I really enjoyed the discussion she lead about inquiry in the classroom and am inspired by her teaching philosophy. Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt has created her own personalized learning network, which includes a website, blog, Instagram and Twitter. I follow both her Twitter and Instagram account and am inspired by all of the activities she conducts in her classroom, and the engaging learning environment she has cultivated.


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