Reflection #8

            My greatest professional weakness as an educator who will teach music is that I am not experienced. I am not a teacher yet, and I do not have a strong musical background. Being a new teacher is already stressful, with all of the lesson planning, routines, and relationships to be made. But with the implementation of the new curriculum, teachers are now encouraged to implement inquiry based learning which can be very overwhelming for new teachers who crave structure. I hope in my last remaining two years of the Education program, practicums and experience, that I become more knowledgeable and comfortable with planning inquiry lessons around music. I will address my weakness by planning music lessons, which have structured inquiry. I will use the experience I get and my remaining practicums to explore inquiry in the classroom and integrating music so that when I am a teacher with my own classroom, I will feel confident and have experience to draw from with teaching the new curriculum and integrating music. Though I won’t have many teaching years under my belt, I will have lots of resources and prior experience teaching music lessons.


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