Reflection #11

My greatest area of growth during this year and course has been risk taking. This year has pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways and helped me grow as a person and future educator. With this course specifically, risk taking has provided me the opportunity to explore my musical side. I have taught myself basic skills on the Ukulele, taught a music lesson to the class, and learned about the importance of bringing music into the classroom and the benefits it provides students. Stepping out of my comfort zone, reminded me that it is okay to be uncomfortable and anxious in situations, but when you are in a supportive environment where you are comfortable with your peers and feel like you belong, it makes it easy to try new things, make mistakes, and learn. We learn from the unknown, and grow from things that do not come easy. In a broader scope, this year has helped me take risks by introducing me to many fine arts courses. I have taken a Drama, Art and Music class this year. I do not profess to have skills in the Fine Arts area and I get very anxious when I need to use these skills. These classes have helped me try new things, and realize that everyone is at a different skill level, and everyone has different strengths. This year has also helped me realize that the skill does not come in the final product, but the learning process, and what the student can learn along the way. Though I may not be amazing in Drama, Art, or Music I believe they are very important and offer so much to students when they are brought into the curriculum. These subjects can easily be weaved into any core academic class like Science, Math, Social Studies or Language Arts.


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