Practicum Placement and Lesson Planning Reflection

On March 1st, I received my practicum placement; my partner and I will have our three-week practicum in a multi-grade 6/7 class, at a middle school. Though I believe my skills as an educator are more inclined to the primary grades I am very excited to have the experience and learn what it is like to teach middle school grades. In regards to Music Education, in middle school there is a separate music class and music teacher apart from the core classes like Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Outside of Music class, I think it is important to integrate Music into the core academic courses and make cross-curricular lessons. I am interested in learning more about the process of integrating music in the remaining weeks of our EDCI-306 class and then seeing how I can make these connections with the lessons that I teach in my practicum. This past week in our EDCI-306 we created a lesson plan based around a “Rain Chant”. This was a very fun process because it was so easy to turn one lesson into a unit plan, and make many cross-curricular connections. My unit plan revolved around music and science; however, art, language arts and math all could have easily been integrated into it. This lesson was fun, because it took an easy concept and turned it into a fun, creative and inquiry based unit. This assignment demonstrated to me how easily music could be integrated into any subject in the elementary curriculum. Music is a very important part of learning, and is a great way to connect with students and help them with their learning process. Our EDCI-306 class have provided many tools and ideas for teaching music, along with a lot of good resources for bringing music into the classroom. I would be interested to learn more about integrating music into lessons, since most schools have a separate music teacher and class.


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