Reflection #5

My greatest musical strength is that I am learning myself. Learning is a journey, which is on going, a person never stops learning throughout their whole life. Personally, music has never been a passion or skill of mine. I am always learning new things, and new music skills. Right now, I am learning how to teach music, how to bring it into the classroom and make cross-curricular connections, and I am teaching myself to play the ukulele. I think it is a great asset as an educator to be learning as well, because it shows students that no one person is perfect or knows everything and that a teacher is still learning new things too. It is a great way to demonstrate how learning still occurs at any age, and it is impossible to know everything or to be good at everything. I will use this strength to relate to my students, and be a role model for the learning process. I will use this to encourage my students and motivate them to practice, and be optimistic; just in case something is hard at first, does not mean it will not get easier with time.


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