Reflection #4

My greatest musical weakness is that I do not have a lot of musical experience. I remember doing a small unit on both the recorder and ukulele in elementary school, and then it was mandatory to take band for three years in middle school, where I played the trumpet. However, I really did not enjoy it or have a good music experience so I blocked out those times. I have found the music class I am in now for the Elementary Education program, to be very beneficial for me. Though music is not one of my passions, it interests me in a different way because it involves my passion for teaching children. I love learning about the different ways to bring music into the classroom and how it can be used as a learning medium. I will continue to address my weakness of lack of music experience by continuing to learn about how music can be brought into the classroom and benefit me as an educator. I will also continue to learn and practice playing the ukulele because it is a fun instrument which has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn about music, patience, practice, and the learning process.


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