Midterm Reflection

For my personalized learning project in music, I chose to learn the ukulele. So far it has been a fun process, although frustrating at times. I have found it hard to devote a lot of time to it due to school classes, my work schedule, and homework. However, so far I have been allotting some time on Saturday and Sunday of each weekend to practice and learn something new on the ukulele, which has been working very well. I am very fortunate that my roommate knows how to play the ukulele; between helpful videos I have found online and my roommate I have been able to practice and learn new chords and strumming patterns. I think my biggest struggle so far, is that strumming is a very unnatural feeling to me, which shows in my midterm video. I really struggle with strumming patterns that involve strumming upwards. This is something I plan to practice and improve on before the final in April. My goal for this midterm checkpoint was to have learned three or four chords and a basic strumming pattern. I managed to learn four chords including: C, F, G, and A minor. In addition, I learned a basic strumming pattern of down, down, down, down, up (d-d-d-d-u). Moving forward, I plan to continue to practice my strumming so that it becomes a more natural feeling, as well as practicing my transitions between chords. By the end of the course in April, I would like to be able to play a basic song with the chords and strumming patterns I have learned. This process has helped me as an educator to understand how it will feel for students to learn a new instrument and have struggles with it. It reminded me to take into account the perspective of the students and how it can be a frustrating process at times and a lot of fun at other times. Each student will learn at different rates and some will love it and others will not. As an educator, it is important to support all students and encourage them to practice and try their best; reminding them that everyone will learn at a different rate and that it will get easier with the more practice and knowledge a student is equipped with.

My Midterm Goals:

Learn Four Chords

  • C – Ring finger, third fret, fourth string
  • F – Pointer Finger, first fret, third string / middle finger, second fret, first string
  • G – Pointer finger, second fret, second string / middle finger, third fret, third string / ring finger, second fret, fourth string
  • Am – Middle finger, second fret, first string

Basic Strumming Pattern

  • down, down, down, down, up (d-d-d-d-u)

Video Link:


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