Rich McCue – Video, Audio, and Image Editing

During today’s class, Rich McCue conducted a video, audio, and image editing workshop. He provided online handouts with descriptive instructions, and allowed students to explore the world of digital editing on their own. The options were to either record a personal video/audio or use the samples that were provided. This was a fun workshop, where students were encouraged to explore and edit their own video using imovie. This provided an opportunity to ask questions and build a new skill set. With our Education Psychology course this semester, my classmates and I are encouraged to upload audio recordings with our assignments, instead of a written description. This workshop helped me learn how to edit my audio recordings to provide a positive experience which will help on my future assignments. However, I do not have a personal interest in this topic, I can see how it is useful to know and understand. As a future educator, I can see the screen-casting tool being very useful to provide online assistance to students who may away, or require learning from home. In addition, it is a great tool to provide students the ability to review lessons with the teachers audio, video, and screen-casting. It is a great opportunity to provide students the option to demonstrate their learning through audio or video recording. This inclusive tool coincides with concept of “Multiple Intelligences”, which believes that every student learns and demonstrate learning in a different way. The Multiple Intelligences motto focuses not on “how smart you are”, but rather “how ARE you smart”.


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