EdCamp, Leadership, and Professional Learning

During our Education Technology class today, we conducted a version of an Ed. Camp. The Ed. Camp model serves as a method of professional learning for teachers and a form of learning within the classroom. I value the concept of Ed. Camp, as it provides the opportunity for educators, parents, and students to come together to build a better Education system and learning experience. Collaboration is one of the most important and beneficial parts of being an Educator. Providing open discussion conferences is a fantastic way to learn new tools in the classroom, gain new perspectives and understandings, listen to peoples struggles and desires for Education, and share personal experiences that may help another. However, I think the Ed. Camp is hard to facilitate as a classroom activity. I believe that structure is required, to provide an experience that is beneficial to all. During my experience with my Ed. Camp group, everyone was trying to talk over one another, some people were unable to share, and others were silent. Moving forward, I think going around in a circle and allowing each person to have a chance to speak, and if they do not want to they can say pass would allow for a more inclusive setting. Also encouraging participants to take notes, keeps the conversation organized and helps formulate questions and talking points for a better discussion flow. Finally, I found it hard to discuss topics of importance in the teaching world, when no one in my group had sufficient experience as an Educator. I really appreciated hearing everyone opinions and thoughts, however all the discussion points were very subjective. I believe that Ed. Camp is most beneficial when conducted with teachers who have experience, as well as including people who have backgrounds working with more specific areas for example, students with learning disabilities, English second language learners, Inquiry based teacher, etc. I think this topic provides a great leadership opportunity for teachers to step up and organize an Ed. Camp, or for students who want to take on a leadership role and participate in an Ed. Camp on behalf of the students.


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